The inlingua method

The most natural way to learn a language is by speaking it.

That is how you learnt your native tongue. This is the principal idea embedded in the inlingua Method and is how you will learn any foreign language with us.

Right from the beginning, you listen to and speak in the language you wish to learn. You will be taught by a native speaker who is keen to reduce inhibitions and promote fluency.

Languages are learnt best by speaking them

In your "inlingua Class" you have the opportunity:

  • to practice using the target language and to increase your fluency.
  • to practice suitable reactions for situations in business life, daily life or during vacations.
  • to consolidate your speaking abilities by practicing dialogs.

Learning in this manner enables you to use your language skills fluently.

  • Grammar isn’t drilled. Instead, it is embedded by using it. Vocabulary isn’t learnt by heart. Instead, it is used in authentic texts.
  • Training phases are varied by using diverse possibilities, such as discussions, role play, dialog sequences, gestures, facial expressions, and multimedia such as CDs and Videos.
  • Native speakers who are didactically qualified are there to assist you.
  • Tests in regular intervals help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, giving you information regarding what you have to focus on.

inlingua Certificates correspond with the levels of other internationally-accredited language certificates.

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