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Take part in a German exam:

A1: November 06th at 8.40; December, 6th at 8.40

A2: November 06th at 8.40; December 4th at 8.40

B1: November 25th at 8.40

B2: December 14th at 8.40

C1: December 11th at 8.40


Find here complementary free placement tests for the Language you want to learn:

If you have a specified question please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

We´ll be here for you from Monday to Thursday from 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m and on Fridays from 8.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.


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Let us introduce us to you:

You´ll join at our school people with the same interest as you have. We are all excited about Languages. Whether we are teachers, office workers you’re your fellow participants at one of our inlingua classes. The age average is at about 35 years. Because our participants are mainly young professionals.

You´ll find at inlingua Aachen native Language trainers for more than 10 Languages. We do offer enrolment tests for 7 Languages. If you want to learn a Language other than German, Italien, French, Spanisch, Dutch or Portuguese please contact us directly and we´ll inform you when to meet our teachers for Arabic, Thai, Finnish, Turkish and many more.

You may learn your favourite Language in all kind of class settings.

Your want to have a teacher to yourself?

Send us an E-Mail for one-to-one lessons with your preferred Language and your preferred times.

You´ll be absolutely flexible and may come in at any time to meet with a teacher. Also on Saturdays. Just send us all details (Language, intensity, the times windows when you are available) and we´ll make it possible for you to reach your goal.

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You want to join an open group?

We offer groups that meet during the evening ours once or twice a week. We also offer intensive day classes in the morning ours.

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Your want an offer send to your company?

Send us an E-Mail with the contact person of your company and we´ll get back to you directly.

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Be sure to find a professional and engaged surrounding

inlingua Aachen has a tradition in teaching.

inlingua Aachen is the oldest-established (1956) language school in the Rhine-Maas region.

We are ISO certified and we have many successful partners as GAT, Otto Junker, Schlafhorst, Traveltainment, and many others.

Send us your mail inquiry and fill in the complementary free placement tests for the Language you want to learn.

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