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General conditions of participation

  1. The current rates that are a part of this contractual agreement are applicable.
  2. In the case of an extension of the agreement, the new rates and payment period will apply.
  3. All fees must be paid promptly before the start of each new payment period; fees will not be refunded; fees or lessons are not transferable, neither to other persons nor to other periods. Courses are to be paid for as booked.
  4. The school management reserves the right to cancel courses as necessary, to combine with other courses, and to transfer participants from one course to another due to educational reasons, or to postpone the start of a course to a later date.
  5. Non-attendance of classes does not release the participant from the obligation of the payment of fees according to the relevant rate.
  6. A refund of fees may be granted in the event of a written visa rejection. Fees are non-refundable for cancellation by the participant for any other reason.
  7. In the open "small evening groups", a minimum participation of 12 weeks is required. Further participation at the course after the individual payment period will extend the contract by another 12 weeks. An extension of 1 week of the individual payment period can be granted 2x per year if the inlingua office is informed 1 week in advance in writing of the absence. Presenting a medical certificate of the unattended lessons will be credited as the second week of illness.
  8. For one-to-one lessons and in-company training, it is possible to cancel individual teaching days, but notice must be given to the inlingua office by 13:00 the day prior to the lesson. For lessons on Monday, notice of cancellation must be received by 13:00 on the preceding Friday via email. Lessons cancelled by this deadline are not billable.
  9. Saturday courses which are carried out with only 2 participants, are run over 5 Saturdays and are quoted with the price of 6 Saturdays.
  10. The ability to read and write Latin script is assumed.
  11. Archive enquiries and sending out new copies of documents/certificates: fees may apply.
  12. If any clauses in this contract are found to be invalid or unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable at the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected. Any invalid or unenforceable clauses shall be replaced with valid and enforceable provisions that have the closest possible meaning and economic objectives to those that have been agreed upon by the parties with the invalid or unenforceable clauses. The preceding conditions shall apply accordingly in the event that the contract is proven to be incomplete.
  13. The place of Jurisdiction is Aachen